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Simple Anechoic Test Box

The Simple Anechoic Test Box is a small anechoic box with a high sound insulation (Transmission Loss) and sound absorption capability.It is used for noise measurement on products, allophone inspection, quality control, and for research and development. We developed the layered panel more than 200 times, and finally realized “complete type” . Nothing is ever perfect like our simple anechoic test box now. We are enjoying favorable reviews from our customers all over the world.

[Object] Communication equipments, precision instruments, electronic products, nanotechnology-related products, and environmental-related products

[Measurement] For allophone inspection, research and development, sound measurement for evaluating product capabilities, vibration analysis, environmental tests, etc.

[Equipment] Sound level meters, precision sound meters, FFT spectrum analyzers, vibration meters, all kinds of sound evaluating equipments, etc.





-Base for the Anechoic Test Box
-Mat for anti-vibration (Thickness=10mm*2)
-Layered metal sound insulation panel
-Sound absorption layers: AST sound absorbers and Back sound absorbers
-Double-sealed sound insulating door
-2φ 89.1mm holes for wiring
-Steel Table -Hardware
-Sealed handle with a counterclockwise fastening
-Leaf hinges
-Adjusters for anti-vibration
-Swivel and rigid casters
-Eyebolts (20mm-24mm)
-Painting: Baking finish in standard color or specified color


Customization Example A


Customization Example B


Customization Example C


-Delivery 4 weeks (ex-works) plus 2-3 weeks (CIF by sea)
-Anechoic Test Box does not need site-installation. Exporting, and related packing would be available.
-Sound absorbers are fire proof, and can last their shape better.
-Non-flammable sound absorption materials are available. (Option)
-Layout drawing, Instruction Manual, and Transmission loss test data will be submitted.
-We can suggest measuring instruments such as sound level meters and analyzing equipments.
-Any box size would be available, also can regulate the sound absorption coefficient to suit each measuring object.
-We will do a sound insulation capability test. We guarantee the sound insulation values.


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