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Ready-to-Assemble Anechoic Chamber

+The Anechoic Chamber uses the “non-flammable wedge-shaped absorbers” which we newly developed.  Through conventional methods we could not realized.  But “Non-flammable”, “Non-sound reflex materials”, “High soundproof capability”, and “ low price” are now available.  Because by using our new material Metal Panel with several layers helps to relocate our Anechoic Chamber easily at any place.
No more “wood work” or “ concrete construction”.

[Object]   Precision instruments, auto-parts, electronic products, nanotechnology-related products,and environmental-related products.

[Purpose]   For sound power level measurement, allophone inspection, sound measurement for evaluating product capabilities, environmental tests, etc.

[Equipment]   Sound level meters, precision sound level meters, FFT spectrum analyzers, all kinds of sound evaluating equipment.

Customization Example A

Customization Example B

Customization Example C

+ Specifications

-Non-flammable wedge-shaped absorbers/T=250 or T-500
-Sound insulating panel (Layered soundproof metal panel)

-Sound insulating door, sound absorption door
-Gratings (plating) – can load up to 300kg per 1m3
-2 75mm*75mm holes for wiring with an internal and external sound insulating cover.
-Hook for hanging microphone.
-Supplying silencer- diffracting sound absorbing structure
-Exhaust silencer- diffracting sound absorbing structure
-Anechoic chamber comes with test data, specifications, etc.
-Electric construction
-60W bulb
-Outlet with a ground
-Pilot lamp : “RUNNING”
-Sirocco radiator fans and flexible silencers
-Switch box
-Cabinet panel
-Secondary wiring work

Absorption Shelf, Air conditioner, Monitor, Cue light, BNC, Interphone, Gas detector, Fire Alarm Apparatus

+ Others
- Anechoic Chamber needs site-installation.
- However Relocation is available because of Metal Panel construction.
- Ready- to-assemble. No wood work, no concrete construction.
- Anechoic Chamber uses non-flammable materials in all parts.
- We set guaranteed values by measuring background noises and doing a frequency analysis at the scheduled place for installation.
- Layout drawing, Instruction Manual, and Transmission loss test data will be submitted.
- We can suggest measuring instruments such as sound level meters and analyzing equipments.
- Changes in size and adjustments in sound absorption capability are available in accordance with the layout placement.
- We guarantee the sound insulation values.

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