Anechoic Box

No. 1 share in domestic sales of anechoic box

Product Overview

Anechoic box is a small acoustic box which have the feature of high sound insulation( transmission loss) and sound absorption. It’s applied to measuring the noise of a product, inspecting the abnormal sound, quality control, research and development.

Utilizing our noise control technology, we developed special multi-layer panel. Over the past 9 years, we have proposed, designed and manufactured over 300 units according to a wide various using purposes and specifications. The high sound insulation performance with guarantee performance is unrivaled compared with other companies.

No. 1 share in domestic sales of anechoic box

Measuring Targetcommunication information equipment, Precise instrument electronic components, nanotechnology-related products, environment-related products.
Measuring Purposeabnormal sound detection, research and development, acoustic measurement for product performance, vibration analysis, environment test, etc.
Measuring Machinegeneral, precise noise meter, FFT analyzer, vibrometer, various acoustic evaluation equipment, etc.

※ Anehoic box is using R&D measurement. And optimized according to user’s measuring method and specifications.

About Lead Time

Usually, the lead time is about 30 days after order.

It may change depending on the operation of the factory, so negotiated with us by any chance. In addition, the manufacturing period will be longer than the lead time when an anechoic box door is applied to an electric situation or as an option of coupling specification, etc.

About Installation

Our installation works are not necessary.

Basically, transportation methods are: crane truck unloading, truck transportation without unloading. Since the anechoic box is equipped with casters, it can be manually moved to the installation location. We will check the transportation route, the load of the elevator, steps and maintenance since the anechoic room is heavy. And we can also undertake transportation, delivery and installation.

※ Can be exported to overseas.

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Type/ Price

Anechoic boxes are available in TYPE 1 to TYPE4 specifications. But basically, we’ll design according to the size of the user’s measuring subjects, measurement method and workability. There are many examples such as using the drive mode (electric, pneumatic, hydraulic) to open and close the door, addition of lighting and BNC socket, and the setting position of microphone adopts free configuration.

Type Effective (mm) External Dimensions (mm) Price
Anechoic box TYPE-1 W400 × L450 × H400 W850 × L850 × H850 Please contact us
Anechoic box TYPE-2 W600 × L650 × H600 W1050 × L1050 × H1050
Anechoic box TYPE-3 W800 × L850 × H800 W1250 × L1250 × H1250
Anechoic box TYPE-4 W1000 × L1050 × H1000 W1450 × L1450 × H1450
Free type (customized products) Free Free According to dimensional proportion

※ The freight is not included.
※ An inexpensive anechoic box out of the specification can be manufactured as well.

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Sound Insulation (Transmission Loss) / dB

Top-class sound insulation performance is guaranteed.

The sound insulation performance of an anechoic box is unrivaled comparing with other companies. The background noise in an anechoic box can even close to 0 dB depending on the installation environment. An advanced acoustic measurement space can be realized by introducing our anechoic boxes.

Sound Insulation (Transmission Loss) / dB
Hz 31.5 63 125 250 500 1K 2K 4K 8K
Sound Insulation (24) (34) 39 43 51 55 63 64 62
Guarantee value
Actual value 29.1 46.2 44.9 44.7 61.8 64.1 71.7 75.6 80.1
Manufactured by a company 17 20 27 35 40 45

About Sound Insulation Performance

We can guarantee the sound insulation performance by using a noise signal generator, speaker, general noise meter or precise noise meter, measuring (transmission loss test) according to JISA1417:2000. And submit the test result as a “Measurement Result Report”.

Other Specification

  • dedicated base (height can be changed)
  • devibration pad × 4-point support
  • sound absorption layer: AST sound absorption material + backside sound absorption layer
  • double-shielded sound insolation door
  • utility pipe : inner diameter 55 × 2
  • hanging hook M8×4
  • test panel : steel (sound absorption) t4.5
  • sealed handle, operating handle
  • die-casting rotary ascending hinge
  • adjuster, caster
  • eyebolt M20-24
  • sealed gasket
  • baking paint of outer layer: standard color (silver) or specified color

※ According to the work content, drawer test board, lighting and socket can be added.
※Please ask the drawings for detail.

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Examples of additional options


specified shape/ lighting/ proximity switch/jig mounting bracket/ magnet sealed( 300N)


specified shape/ lighting/ proximity switch/jig mounting bracket/ magnet sealed( 300N)


specified shape/ lighting/ proximity switch/jig mounting bracket/ magnet sealed( 300N)


specified shape/ lighting/ proximity switch/jig mounting bracket/ magnet sealed( 300N)

Option Abstract Reference Price
Noncombustible material for interior Pacification AST sound absorption material (flame-retardant material)

Glasonic( noncombustible material)
0 yen~
Free clamp for microphone Changing the hanging bolt 0 yen~
Limit switch Door part 5,000 yen~
Various additional design expense Additional options design drawings 0 yen
Openings for additional wires Diameter 60.5・89.1・101.6 0 yen~
Sliding door Sliding rail heavy drawer 75,000 yen~
Rotating table Position can be adjusted 65,000 yen~
Lightning・ switch 60W・ 100W 50,000 yen~
Measurement mesh SUS304・50 pitch 20,000 yen~
Grounding grid SUS304・50 pitch 20,000 yen~
Outlet 100V ・ 2 29,000 yen~
On-site assembly of an anechoic box main body separate processing( one divides into two) 400,000 yen~
Load-bearing dispersive floor material Installation site when there is no load capacity 80,000 yen~
Internal remote operation silent cylinder ・ remote control, etc. quote individually
Temperature control device Internal cooling ・ air-exchange device quote individually
Special sound insulation widow 200×400 sound insulation structure 140,000 yen~
Double door Double sealed structure Depending on the type
Automatic door Hydraulic ・ button type ・ inductive type quote individually
Enhanced sound-absorbing performance Change sound absorption material quote individually
Change the position of wire opening ‐‐‐‐ 0 yen
Change the height of the dedicated table ‐‐‐‐ 0 yen
Specified color baking paint ‐‐‐‐ 0 yen
Clean room compatible ‐‐‐‐ quote individually
Dimension change ‐‐‐‐ quote individually
Reverberation measurement set Reverberation + anechoic system quote individually
Acoustic measuring instruments Noise meter + PPF analyzer quote individually

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  • Generally, the lead time is about 30 days ※It may change depending on the operation of the factory, so please negotiated with us.
  • Our installation work is not necessary. The transportation is a 4-ton unique vehicle (crane)
  • Sound absorption material does not deform (fire-proof material). And it can be changed to a noncombustible sound-absorbing material.
  • With completed books( design drawing, instruction manual, transmission loss test data)
  • Proposals about noise meter or analyzer
  • The shape of the box and its sound absorption coefficient can be changed according to the acoustic measurement objects.
  • We can test the sound insulation performance individually to ensure sound insulation quantity.
  • Compare with other companies, we are proud that our sound insulation performance is top class.

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Materials Download

Materials Download

You can download the PDF file from here

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