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such as silent environment, acoustic measurement and noise measurement.

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ProductProduct Information

  • 01Assembled Anechoic Room

    Assembled anechoic room is an equipment for officially acoustic measurement in acoustic research and development by automobile manufactures and heavy weak current manufactures.

  • 02Assembled Semi-Anechoic Room

    Assembled semi-anechoic room is an anechoic space measuring the noise of equipment and mechanical. Since concrete wall is unused, it is possible for disassembling and relocated the subject.

  • 03Anechoic Box

    Anechoic box is a compact chamber for measuring the sound generated by small drive components such as gears and motors.

NEEDSClassification According to Needs

  • Want to Measure The Noise of The Developed Product?

    We design and build an environment for acoustic inspection and measurement of products such as anechoic chambers, anechoic boxes, reverberation rooms, soundproof inspection rooms, and small soundproof box from scratch. We can also propose for acoustics measurement system such as noise meter and analyzers that meet different standards (ISO/JIS) and in-house R&D.

  • Other Customization

    Our company is a manufacture for soundproofing equipment . We also offer proposals for wind tunnel equipment and thermostatic equipment attached to sound insulation equipment, for different environment tests, designs that match specific doors (electric, pneumatic, hydraulic) according to the work purpose, and all kinds of designs for portable, coupling type and so on.

strong point The Strengths of Sonora Technology

  • Offering Lower Costs
    Than Other Companies

    If the quotation conditions(specifications, warranty conditions) are the same, we will present an proposal that is cheaper than other companies. Please do compare it with other companies. ※The company’s products are manufactured at our own factory, so we can offer products at factory direct sales price, and that’s the reasons why we can offer low price.

  • The Sound Performance Guarantee System was First Introduced in the Industry

    At the beginning of establishment, we have guaranteed acoustic performance for all products. The guaranteed value is proved though empirical measurement. Therefore, problems such as the sound going down will not happen although introducing soundproof rooms. And our company will fulfill the obligation as a professional soundproofing company.

  • The Unrivaled Performance That Other Companies can Never Compare

    Our company is committed to the research and development of acoustic technology in-house constantly. All products are almost based on our own techniques. Moreover, we have the know-how cultivated by solving different noise problems at the beginning of establishment.

The Top Class Delivery Performance at Domestic

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Case study

  • Soundproof Cover

    Soundproof cover for AFM systems for Nanosurf AG


    Soundproof cover for AFM (Atomic Force Microscope) equipment. It is compatible with Clean Room ISO 6 standard...

  • Assembled anechoic room

    [For speaker manufacturers] Assembly type anechoic chamber S


    This is a prefabricated anechoic chamber for speaker manufacturers. We have incorporated an anechoic chamber ...

  • Assembled semi-anechoic room

    Semi-anechoic chamber H for pump manufacturers @Vietnam


    This semi-anechoic chamber was delivered to the Vietnam factory of a Japanese pump manufacturer.The semi-anec...

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COMPANYOffice Location

  • Tokyo Headquarters Business Department
    Verte-Bldg 2F, 2-40-5 Seijo, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 157-0066
    TEL +81-3-6805-8988/ eFAX +81-3-6740-7875 (common to all branches)
  • Mt. Fuji Technology Center: Factory, Show Room
    1157-332,Hotozawa, Gotemba, Shizuoka, 412-0046
    TEL +81-550-88-3875 / eFAX +81-3-6740-7875 (common to all branches)
  • Nagoya Satellite Office
    6th Floor, Sun Terrace Mikawaanjo, 1-15-8 Mikawaanjo Minamicho, Anjo, Aichi, 446-0058
    TEL +81-566-71-5904 / eFAX +81-3-6740-7875 (common to all branches)
  • West Japan sales office
    2166-1 Furusato, Iwaoka-cho, Nishi-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 651-2404
    TEL +81-78-969-3775 / eFAX +81-3-6740-7875 (common to all branches)

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SHOW ROOMIntroduction of Sonora Showroom

Sonora Technology, a manufacturer of anechoic chambers and soundproof rooms that providing service all over the country is based in Toyko, Shizuoka, Aichi, Hyogo. We have an in-house integrated system from acoustic measurement, research, diagnosis to design, manufacturing, construction and guarantee. In addition, we have showroom which has anechoic room and soundproof room at “Mt. Fuji Technology Center” in Gotemba city. Using the measuring facility in practice, you can check the high performance of our products while experiencing the unique anechoic space. Besides the showroom, there are videos of the company introduction and you can visit the factory as well. There are almost no institution opening anechoic room for free in Japan. It can also be used outside of business, such as those who are considering purchasing our products, those who are interested in us, the general public and the media, please come by any chance.

About 15 minutes from Gotemba IC on Tomei Expressway, 1157-332, Hotozawa, Gotemba, Shizuoka, 412-0046
TEL +81-3-6805-8988 / eFAX +81-3-6740-7875 (common to all branches)

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    All products come with a one-year warranty. And we will immediately deal with any malfunction caused by defects in our design, manufacturing and construction. Furthermore, welcome to contact us for relocation, remodeling and maintenance, etc.

  • FAQ

    We have posted the asked questions and replies about the products and services of Sonora Technology. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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    Please contact us any time by phones or using the inquiry form. We will explain the whole process according to the customer’s problems and materials (if there are the drawings and quotation specification, etc.) at that time.

    Sonora Technology Co., Ltd.
    Consulting Window


    (available from 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m.)

    Common consulting examples

    Having trouble with the noise complaints from the neighbourhood? Having trouble with the noise when the cutting machine works? Want to create an acoustic measurement space that is up to ISO standards? Want to know the price of an anechoic chamber? Want to know the commodity distribution? Want to know the basics of soundproofing? Got an estimate from another company, but it’s over the budget, can it be cheaper? Problems like this.

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    Acoustic Measurement Investigation / Diagnosis

    We can meet on the work site, besides, we will measure noise on site when it’s necessary. The necessary data and material will be taken back to analyze and design. Basically ,it is carried out with a portable noise meter or an an analyzer.

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    Proposals Based on the Investigation

    We will prepare and submit necessary documents such as acoustic measurement data, acoustic measurement result report, proposals (noise strategy study report, etc.), design drawing , specifications, quotations and so on. ※the guarantee value is set up at this stage.
    It is free up to this step. Please feel free to contact us.

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    Manufacturing and Construction

    We will negotiate when making a contract, submit this file (project process table and all the approval documents), sign the sales contract, basic construction contract, confidentiality agreement, etc.
    After that, we conduct manufacturing, simulation assembly, pre-shipment inspection at the factory, then carry out transportation and assembly operation.

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    Effect Verification, Acceptance and Delivery

    We will perform verification and measurement of acoustic performance after installing the facility. In case of the measured value not reaching the set guaranteed value, the secondary measures will be taken until the guaranteed value is reached. We will do each delivery inspection (dimensions, qualities, etc.), and submit the complete file when all the processes are finished. After approval, it will be accepted and delivered.

NEWSNotice of Sonora Technology

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  • 2023/11/29

    Sonora has exceeded 1,000 corporate clients.
  • 2023/11/29

    Sonora celebrated its 20th anniversary.

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About Sonora Technology products, please contact us from the inquiry button for inquiries. If you want the materials by mail, please contact us from the pamphlet request button.