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[Acoustic System] Design, Manufacturing and Construction of Acoustic Measurement Space

Our company is mainly engaged in design, manufacturing and construction of acoustic measurement space for a laboratory and factory.

For acoustic measurement of a product and abnormal sound inspection, we consistently carry out the calculation of the range of free sound field establishment in an anechoic chamber, the design of sound insulation and sound absorption according to the measurement environment, the control of low-frequency noise from investigation, analysis to measurement and performance assurance.

Besides, our commodities are basically non-combustible and relocated( assembly type) and we propose a space according to R&D and meet the needs of the industries and research institutions, rather than using the general building structures such as concrete enclosures and wooden structures. We guarantee the “sound insulation performance”, “sound reduction effect”, “measurable range” of each facility.

  • (1) sound insulation performance: we will verify the transmission loss of equipment based on the measurement of JIS A 1417 : “Air Sound Insulation Performance Measurement Method”.
  • (2) sound reduction effect: we will verify the noise level of the actual using measurement environment(background noise) through measuring equipment.
  • (3) measurable range: verify the range where the square inverse law holds in an anechoic room by measuring each measurement distance.

Overview of Acoustic System

Sound source Precision instruments, household appliance, engines, communicators, control device, drive components, microscope noise, etc.
Application Product development, abnormal sound inspection, acoustic measurement, environmental measurement, etc
Measurement device FFT analyzer, general noise meter, precise noise meter, OCT filter, environmental measurement equipment, etc.
Measures Anechoic chamber, soundproof inspection room, anechoic box, acoustic measurement box, reverberation room, etc.

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Examples of Acoustic System

soundproofing inspection room for AFM

soundproofing inspection room for AFM

semi-circular birdcage microphone stand : for semi-anechoic rooms

semi-circular birdcage microphone stand : for semi-anechoic rooms

soundproofing inspection room for wind tunnel experiments

soundproofing inspection room for wind tunnel experiments

sound insulation test room with constant temperature function: for built-in integrated experiment

sound insulation test room with constant temperature function: for built-in integrated experiment

auto-door soundproof inspection box

auto-door soundproof inspection box

sliding-door anechoic box: for overseas export

sliding-door anechoic box: for overseas export

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About Guarantee of Sound Insulation Performance and Sound Reduction Effect

Regarding the implementation of the acoustic system“acoustic measurement”, we guarantee and predict the sound reduction effect, soundproof performance and sound absorption performance( measurable range) after countermeasures.

(1) Guarantee of sound insulation performance

After setting the guaranteed value of soundproof performance (transmission loss) of the equipment, use a common noise meter or a precise noise meter, a speaker and an octave filter according to our company’s 1-1 standard sound insulation measurement method or JIA 14:2000 to measure the actual value of the equipment. We’ll submit a report on the test results of sound insulation measurement after verifying and confirming the guaranteed value.

(2) Guarantee of sound reduction effect

We’ll guarantee the actual value of “ how many decibels the noise level in question will be” by sound insulation equipment. Before and after carrying out noise countermeasures, measuring and verifying the noise level of multiple setting points.

(3) Guarantee of sound absorption performance

We’ll guarantee the “range of establishment of reverse square law” in an anechoic room. Using (deviation of ISO-3745 reverse square characteristic) inverse square measurement group( directional speaker, wire, noise meter, etc.) to verify the setting guarantee value + – allowable range, and submit the report as results of the measurable range measurement.

Submission of Report
  • set the noise data of a specified place(frequency analysis value)
  • the guarantee value of sound insulation, the predicted value of sound insulation
  • the guarantee value and predicted value of the noise level after installation
  • the measurement test results of sound insulation and measuring methods after installation
  • guarantee value of the range( measurable range) where the inverse square law holds
  • measurement report of the range (measurable range) where the inverse square law holds

The Reason of Performance Guarantee

Of course, it is no point investing so much money for something whose actual sound reduction effect, sound insulation performance and sound absorption are uncertain. Guarantee performance means taking risks, and I think it’s a natural obligation for sound insulation companies. Our company will firmly carry out the setting of guarantee value strictly. If the value is lower than guaranteed value, secondary strategies will be taken to make it back to guaranteed value.

Different Recording Methods of Sound Insulation Performance

(1) The guarantee value of sound insulation performanceSound insulation performance guaranteed by manufacture
(2) The actual value of sound insulation performanceSound insulation performance measured actually
(3) The predicted value of sound insulation performanceSound insulation performance predicted to put into play
(4) The specification value of sound insulation performanceSound insulation performance that can put into play
(5) Sound insulation performance performanceAny of the above 1~4 is unknown

Sound insulation performance and sound insulation value are roughly divided into the above 5 categories, the actual performance may be very different depending on the projects. To use the analogy of a car’s fuel consumption, it is the difference between the catalog value and the actual fuel consumption. Therefore, it’s necessary to clarify the performance classification before the equipment is introduced, which leads to the result of the introduction.


There are many sound insulation companies at present, but most of them, with some exceptions, can not guarantee the performance of the equipment and do not inspect before and after installation. And some companies only provide laboratory measurement data (sound insulation grade values) using soundproof building materials such as Dr-40, Dr-50.

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