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[For speaker manufacturers] Assembly type anechoic chamber S

Assembled anechoic room

This is a prefabricated anechoic chamber for speaker manufacturers. We have incorporated an anechoic chamber into office space.

Product nameAssembly type anechoic chamber S
ConfigurationSteel sound insulation panel + sound absorption wedge T-250
Internal dimensionsW4,100×L3,300×H1,900
External dimensionsW4,800×L4,000×H2,670

The door is made with an integrated sound-insulating and sound-absorbing layer. Since the sound-insulating door and the sound-absorbing door are not separated into the inside and outside and open and close as one door, the interior dimensions can be used effectively.

The fully anechoic room has a six-sided sound-absorbing structure with sound-absorbing wedges installed on the floor, so there will be a height difference from the office floor to the sound-absorbing wedges and grating (walkway). Therefore, we have installed a steel ramp. *A table lifter can also be installed to prevent heavy objects from being moved in and out of the anechoic chamber or to be carried in and out manually.

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Assembled anechoic room

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